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Download SPECTEC's Overview Catalog for specifications on magnetic speed sensors, hall effect sensors, gear teeth sensors, high temperature speed sensors, FTC/FTV converters and signal conditioners.

SPECTEC has been manufacturing mil spec heavy equipment speed sensors for the military since 1985 and providing signal conditioners to the Navy. Our mil spec quality control system is ISO 9001:2008 certified. In addition, most SPECTEC sensors and signal conditioners meet the European Union's ElectroMagnetic Compatibility (EMC) directive for electromagnetic emission interference and the immunity to interference and bear the CE marking.

SPECTEC's sensors are available in custom and standard body configurations to meet a wide range of sensor applications. SPECTEC's Hall effect sensors, proximity sensors, RF pickups for a flow meter sensor, and magnetic speed sensors are offered with a wide variety of operating temperature ranges, sensitivity, body sizes, styles, and connectors to meet most application and environmental requirements.

OEM Speed Sensor Manufacturer - Custom Engineering Services

As an OEM speed sensor manufacturer, SPECTEC's in-house machine shop, coil winding operation and electronics fabrication give us one of the most cost effective and fastest design to production turn around time available, helping you accelerate your sensor implementation.

SPECTEC's custom engineering services fulfill your speed sensor development requirements. Rely on SPECTEC to improve the design of your currently installed speed sensor.

Magnetic Speed Sensors - Vehicle Speed Sensor

SPECTEC's passive proximity, VRS and magnetic speed sensors convert a target's linear, oscillating or rotational motion into a pulse train, where the frequency is proportional to the speed of the actuating target (turbine wheel, slotted disc, etc.) passing by the sensor. SPECTEC turbo speed sensors, vehicle speed sensor, wheel speed sensor and output shaft speed sensor operate in the most rugged environments and locations.

SPECTEC offers OEM replacement sensors for many popular Honeywell Electro, AI-Tek, Dynalco, Cummins, Detroit Diesel and Woodward Governor sensors.

Dual output magnetic speed sensors are high performance variable reluctance sensors designed for pulse security applications where a redundant high reliability output is necessary. Applications include electrically noisy environments. May be used in the place of two separate sensors.

Hall Effect Sensors - Gear Teeth Sensors or Magnetic Targets

Our Hall effect zero speed sensors permit accurate and repeatable positioning and sensing of gear teeth or magnetic targets down to zero speed. The digital speed sensor> output is utilized for counting, computing, and input to many control processes.

The quadrature hall effect sensor is used for direction and speed detection.

RF Pickups & Flow Meter Sensors

RF pickups are excellent for applications that require near zero speed and zero magnetic drag sensing characteristics, such as flow meter sensor applications. RF (modulated carrier) sensors have a long history of use in turbine flow meters and turbine engines as well as in the aerospace, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.

Flow sensors for turbine flow meters also fulfill a wide spectrum of speed sensing applications with their capacity to detect aluminum and 316 stainless steel targets as well as the normal magnetic and ferrous targets.

Frequency to Voltage Converters & 4-20mA Signal Converters

SPECTEC's compact signal conditioners are well matched to industry standard proximity, RF flowmeter sensors, Hall effect sensors and magnetic speed sensors. Three of SPECTEC's complementary signal conditioners include high sensitivity, noise canceling as well as standard 4-20mA frequency to current signal converters and Frequency to Voltage converters.

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