Magnetic speed sensors manufacturing

Modulated Carrier Speed Sensors
Zero Magnetic Drag, Near Zero Speed

RF pickup for flow meters RF pickup with hex head all thread rf pickup male conduit mount RF pickup female conduit mount RF pickup RF pickup with open face
  • Wide frequency range to above 5000 Hz (depending on target mass, air gap and velocity)
  • No magnetic drag
  • Easy installation and long maintenance-free life;
  • Able to detect a target through a substantial non-magnetic metal wall without exerting a magnetic braking effect
  • Detect passage of aluminum and optionally 316 stainless steel targets
  • Reliable in oily, wet and harsh environments;
  • Rugged shock and vibration resistant construction;
  • Available in most popular sizes
  • Air Gap: to .160 (4 mm) or less depending on sensor type and the mechanical conditions
  • Shell Material: 303 Stainless Steel; other materials available
  • SPECTEC's RF pickup spec sheet:

Specialized RF Modulated Carrier Sensors:

  • Intrinsically Safe to Zone 0
  • Dual output
  • Additional output for temperature also available
  • Hermetically-sealed and sanitary for food processing applications

SPECTEC's line of DIGISPEC digital modulated carrier sensors, modulated carrier signal conditioners and frequency to voltage converters are available for applications requiring digital or other sensor outputs.

SPECTEC's modulated carrier sensors are excellent for applications that require near zero speed and zero magnetic drag sensing characteristics. SPECTEC's modulated carrier (RF) sensors have a long history of use in turbine flow meters in the aerospace, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industry applications. SPECTEC's RF sensors have a wide variety of applications due to their ability to not only sense the usual magnetic or ferrous target, but also detect passage of aluminum and, optionally, 316 stainless steel targets as well.

These carrier sensors require a remote signal conditioner, such as the SPECTEC PA/10 family, to interface with computers or process control equipment. For applications that require an integral signal conditioner with the sensor, SPECTEC also has a DIGISPEC line of digital modulated carrier sensors.

SPECTEC's RF pickups are found in high pressure installations, in dirty and oily installations in the oil fields around the world as well as in moist, corrosive and electrically noisy environments of ships at sea. Specialized RF pickoff coils, such as intrinsically safe, dual output, additional output for temperature, hermetically sealed, sanitary and conduit mount sensors are available.

RF Modulated Carrier Sensor Applications:

Applications of inductive sensors are in flow meters, especially low flow situations, and turbine engines. These sensors are also used in detecting micro-motion in the textile industry, and bearing run-out detection. The principle advantage of using the modulated carrier sensor technology is its ability to detect through a substantial non-magnetic metal wall without exerting a magnetic braking effect on the target. This attribute allows turbine meter rotors to spin freely, thus providing coverage of a much wider frequency range as compared to other sensing methods.