Magnetic speed sensors manufacturing

About SPECTEC - OEM Speed Sensor Manufacturer

Magnetic Speed Sensors OEM

SPECTEC's magnetic sensor and hall effect sensor manufacturing plant
Spectec's office and manufacturing facility above Emigrant,
overlooking the Yellowstone River and Paradise Valley Montana.

SPECTEC designs, engineers and manufactures innovative speed sensor solutions and complementary signal conditioners for a wide range of industries and applications. Our magnetic speed sensors, Hall effect zero speed sensors and RF pickups are used in process automation, flow measurement, oil fields, construction, mining, automotive, railroad, marine and aerospace applications.

Review our Engineering Services for custom speed and direction sensors, signal conditioners and for improving and replacing OEM sensors.

Timely Delivery, Short Lead Times, Reliable Products

With our on-premise lean manufacturing machine shop and production centers, we offer fast turnaround time from design concept to engineered prototype to manufactured products.

As a small business, we have the ability to devote the necessary resources to get our customers their standard or custom speed sensors or converters in a timely manner - sometimes months ahead of other companies' lead times. If your speed sensor supplier is slowing down your production schedules, call SPECTEC and add more profit to your bottom line.

Benefits of Working with SPECTEC

  • Founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 1984, moved to Montana in 1989
  • High quality products made in the USA
  • Implementing lean manufacturing techniques since 2000
  • ISO 9001:2008 registered manufacturing and design company
  • Personalized customer and engineering support
  • Decades of engineering experience in sensors and electronics
  • Stringent quality control from design to manufactured product
  • On-time manufacturing and delivery
  • Personalized customer and engineering support
  • One stop shop for your sensor and signal conditioner needs

Speed Sensor Manufacturing and Engineering

SPECTEC's magnetic sensor and hall effect sensor manufacturing plantSPECTEC manufacturing process is FM Global approved to Approval Standard 3610 for Intrinsically Safe, CE electromagnetic compatibility directive compliant sensors and ISO 9001:2008. SPECTEC's Intrinsically Safe sensors and preamps are now certified to meet ATEX directive 94/9/EC, "Equipment and protective systems for use in potentially explosive atmospheres".