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Frequency to Current Converters - 4-20mA Converters

SPECTEC's frequency to current converters and 4 - 20 mA converters are adaptable to many applications with their wide variety of field selectable input voltages and output variables.

These frequency to current converters have the capacity to operate in environments with wide range in temperatures.

The signal conditioner's ZERO and SPAN adjustments allow for calibration to almost any measurement range, with virtually no adjustment interactions.

The power input on all the signal converters covers a wide range of commonly used DC power without any need for selection or adjustment and is protected against reverse polarity wiring. All outputs are fully protected against short circuits to supply, ground or signal out continuous.

Model 4026 as Frequency to Current Converter

SPECTEC's Model 4026 FTC/FTV converter configured as a Frequency to Current converter is very versatile with field selectable input and output settings. Field technicians can convert the input signal from any passive or active magnetic speed sensor, Hall effect sensor, or zero speed sensor.

In the Frequency to Current converter configuration, the output settings are 4-20mA or 10-50mA. The coarse range is set by jumpers and the fine tuning is set by precision potentiometers. The scale of the output is proportional to the frequency of the input signal. The Model 4026 FTV/FTC converter fits compactly in a Killark "Y3" explosion-proof enclosure.

4026 frequency to voltage converters for magnetic speed sensors

Model 4027 Frequency to Current Signal Converter

SPECTEC’s Model 4027 frequency to 4-20mA current converter has a field selectable high or low frequency input configurations to match all application specifications. This 4 - 20 mA signal converter can be used in either 2-wire or 3-wire power supply configuration. The Model 4027 signal converter compactly fits an explosion-proof ELBY 90 degree enclosure for ease of mounting directly with a conduit-mount magnetic sensor.

frequency to current converters for magnetic speed sensors

Model 4057 Programmable Frequency to Current Converter

SPECTEC's Model 4057 Programmable Frequency To Current Converters - the Swiss army knife of signal conditioners - handles output signals from passive magnetic speed sensors, RF Flow sensors and digital output from Hall effect sensors and DigiSpec speed sensors. Fits a Crouse-Hinds GUAL 16 or similar enclosure.

The 4057 signal conditioner features user selectable output modes and requires no external test equipment for setup. Output modes are quickly selected via a backlit LCD screen and push-button dial.

Programmable frequency to current converter for speed sensors

FTC Signal Converter Characteristics:

  Model 4026 (as FTC) Model 4027 Model 4057 (as FTC)
Download Specs: Model 4026 Specs Model 4027 Specs Model 4057 Specs
Freq Range:
(depends on target mass and velocity)
Hi Setting: 1100 Hz - 100 kHz
Lo Setting: 75 Hz - 10 kHz
Hi Setting: 1100 Hz - 10 kHz
Lo Setting: 75 Hz - 1.2 kHz
Mag: 3 to ~50 KHz
Digital: 0 to ~80 KHz
Styles: PVC puck PVC puck PVC puck
Input Sensitivity: 50 or 100 mVpp
0 - Vs TTL (50 V max)
12 or 50 mVpp Mag: 5, 12, 30 or 50 mVpp
Digital: CMOS, TTL, 0-24V
Temp range: -40 to 160 F
(-40 to 70 C)
-40 to 225° F
(-40 to 105° C)
-4 to 167° F
(-20 to 75° C)
Output: 4 to 20mA;
10 to 50mA;

4 to 20 mA
0 to 20mA
4 to 20mA
0 to 24mA
Supply Voltage: 9 Vdc min for 0-5 Vo
11 Vdc min for 0-10 Vo
38 Vdc max

9 to 36 Vdc @ 4 mA

12 to 24 Vdc @ 75 mA max
Input Protection: 50 Vac, reversed leads 100 Vac, reversed leads  
Dimensions: 2.0" dia.
1.2" height
1.47" dia.
1.0" height
2.5" dia.
1.3" height

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