Magnetic speed sensors manufacturing

Intrinsically Safe Magnetic Speed Sensors

Intrinsically Safe magnetic speed sensors

Intrinsically Safe Magnetic Speed Sensor Specs

  • Frequency range: from Zero Speed to 100 kHz.
  • Air gap: 0.005" to 0.015" typical Up to .25" possible depending on target velocity and mass.
  • Temp. class & range: T5 -40 to 185° deg F (-40 to 85° deg C)
       T6 -40 to 149° deg F (-40 to 65° deg C)
  • Output voltage: Limited to approximately 1 Vpp by an internal diode network.

Intrinsically Safe and Non-Incendive Certifications

FM Global ApprovalSPECTEC's Intrinsically Safe magnetic sensors certifications per FM Global are:

  • Model IS40/IS41 Intrinsically Safe (Class I, Div I / Class I, Zone 0 - code AEx [ia]) for US and Canada
  • Model IS40A/IS41A ATEX Intrinsically Safe (Group II, Category 1G) for European Union
  • Model N40/N41Non-Incendive/Limited Energy (Class I, Div 2 / Classs I, Zone 2) for US and Cananda and ATEX Limited Energy (Group II, Category 3G) for European Union

Many SPECTEC speed sensors are CE compliant to EN55011 and 50022-2 standards.

Intrinsically safe magnetic speed sensors or Variable Reluctance sensors (VRS) are applicable for reading gear teeth, key slots or keystocks in various hazardous environments.

These non-powered or passive variable reluctance sensors are rated Intrinsically Safe for use in areas that call for sensors that limit the energy of any possible sparks and limit the surface temperature. Intrinsically safe magnetic sensors are also available in male and female conduit-mount body styles.

See our Sensor Configurations page for more housing configuration, connector, and wire lead specifications.

Intrinsically Safe Magnetic Speed Sensors Applications:

SPECTEC's Intrinsically Safe magnetic sensors are found in hazardous locations around the world, such as oil fields and oil refineries, LPG loading terminals, truck and marine loading terminals, and aircraft hangars and areas with explosive dust atmospheres.

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