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RF Pickup Signal Conditioners - PA 10 Series Preamps

RF pickup signal conditioners providing digital output for RF pickups Model 4014 In-line pre-amp fits all RF pickups with the standard MS 2 pin connector Model 4013 RF sensor preamp fits an Appleton Elby Y1 explosion-proof elbow for mounting with a conduit mount RF pickoff coil Model 4014W Compact epoxy-encapsulated module

SPECTEC RF Flow Sensors Signal Conditioners:

  • Excellent signal processors for use with RF flow meter sensors.
  • Available for 4 ohm/.450 mH (Cox) and 12 ohm/1.0 mH (FTI) RF pickups.
  • Output protection for reverse polarity to 50 Vdc, short circuit protection to supply or ground.
  • Temperature range is from cryogenic to almost 400° degrees C (depending on the RF pickup used)

RF Pickup Signal Conditoner - Preamps Specs:

  Model 4013 Model 4014 & 4014M Model 4014H & 4014W
Spec Sheet:

 Download 4013 & 4014 Preamp Specs

Sensitivity: Standard: 0.5 Hz to 4 kHz
High: 0.3 Hz to 6 kHz (depending on target mass and distance)
Styles: 1.25” dia. Standard PVC puck 3.5” long In-line amplifier with MS connectors 1.25” long Compact Module with lead wires
Temp range: -40° to 220° F
(-40° to 105° C)
-49 to 284° F
(-45 to 140° C)
Supply voltage: 11.5 - 30 Vdc
Output voltage: 0-5 V (TTL); 0-10V; 0-Vs or 0-Vs open collector
Dimensions: 0.75" dia.
1.125" height
4014: 3" x 0.63" dia.
4014M: 3.5" x 0.63" dia.
0.65" x 1.25"

Model 4014 Model 4014M Model 4014H/W
RF pickup in-line signal converter RF pickup In-line signal conditioner RF pickup sensor preamp module

RF Pickup Signal Processor Applications:

Applications of RF pickup signal conditioners include remote mounting from the sensor allowing for signal detection in areas beyond the temperature limitations of the electronics in a signal conditioner. Also used with turbine meter flow sensor installations where sensing of low flow, near zero velocity with no magnetic drag from the speed sensor is needed.

The principle advantage of RF flow sensors are their ability to detect targets through a substantial non-magnetic metal wall without exerting any magnetic braking effect. This allows, for example, turbine meter rotors to spin freely, providing a wider frequency range to be covered when compared with other types of flow sensors.

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