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4-20 mA frequency to current converters and signal conditioners for digital output

SPECTEC Frequency to Voltage & Frequency to Current Converters:

  • Meet the speed, proximity and counting application needs for magnetic speed sensors and RF pickups;
  • Give magnetic sensors and RF pickups a greater range due to a stronger and more noise-free output signal;
  • Intrinsically Safe to Zone 0 magnetic sensor pulse amplifier, frequency to current converters and frequency to voltage converters;
  • Engineers gain a greater latitude in filling requirements for sensor placement and need for digital output by remotely mounting the signal conditioner away from the sensor - shielding the electronics from the sensor's harsh or high temperature environment;
  • Digital or pulse output format is easily read by computers or process controllers;
  • Most SPECTEC signal conditioners bear the CE marking.
  • SPECTEC's frequency to voltage and frequency to current converter Spec Sheet

Signal Conditioners

SPECTEC's PA 20 family of magnetic speed sensor signal conditioners or PA 10 family of RF pickup signal conditioners come in various form factors for use in-line, in Appleton Y1, Y3, Crouse-Hinds GUAL16 or similar explosion-proof enclosures or for custom applications. The RF pickup signal conditioner is ideal for flow meter applications.

Frequency to Voltage and Frequency to Current Converters

SPECTEC's frequency to current and frequency to voltage converters for passive and active magnetic speed sensors and all digital speed sensors fit in a variety of explosion-proof elbow enclosures or can be DIN rail mounted via special adapters. These signal conditioners change the sinusoidal input to a linear current or voltage output respectively. The 4-20 mA and 10-50 mA signal converter has many applications in the flow industry. The frequency to voltage converters provides either a 0 to 5 V (TTL) or 0 to 10 V output.

Opto-Isolated Signal Conditioner

SPECTEC's digital Opto-isolated signal conditioner is for applications that need an interruption of the galvanic path between the input and output. The opto-isolation circuitry keeps noise on the input signal from passing through to the signal output.

SPECTEC has single and multiple output pulse amplifiers for improving and stabilizing weak signals from variable reluctance sensors.

Specialty signal conditioners:

  • Directional magnetic sensor preamplifiers for use with two magnetic speed sensors, and
  • Speed/flow switch for magnetic sensors.