Magnetic speed sensors manufacturing

Signal Conditioners - Signal Converters

For Magnetic Speed, RF Flow and Hall Effect Sensors

4-20 mA frequency to current converters and signal conditioners for digital output

Speed Sensor Pulse Output Signal Conditioners:

  • For speed, proximity and counting applications of Magnetic Speed Sensors and RF Pickups
  • Intrinsically Safe to Zone 0 magnetic sensor pulse amplifier.
  • Signal conditioners allow engineers to gain greater latitude in fulfilling requirements for sensor placement and the need for a quality digital output by allowing remote mounting of the signal conditioner from the sensor. Remote mounting allows for shielding of the electronics from the sensor's harsh or high temperature environment.
  • Digital or pulse output format is easily read by computers or process controllers.
  • Most SPECTEC signal conditioners are CE certified.
  • All signal conditioners come in various form factors for use in-line, in Appleton Y1, Y3, Crouse-Hinds GUAL16 or similar explosion-proof enclosures or for custom applications.
  • SPECTEC has single and multiple output pulse amplifiers for improving and stabilizing weak signals from variable reluctance sensors.

Frequency to Voltage and Frequency to Current Converters

  • Converts output from Magnetic Speed Sensors, RF pickups and Hall Effect Sensors to a linear current or a linear voltage.
  • Fit in a variety of explosion-proof elbow enclosures or can be DIN rail mounted via special adapters.
  • Greater transmission distance for Magnetic Speed Sensors and RF Pickups with a stronger and reduced noise output signal from a Frequency to Voltage or a Frequency to Current signal conditioner.
  • The FTC 0-20mA, 4-20mA and 10-50mA signal converters have many applications in the flow industry.
  • The FTV converters provide either a 0 to 5 V (TTL) or 0 to 10 V linear output.
  • Intrinsically Safe to Zone 0 magnetic sensor pulse amplifier, Frequency to Current and Frequency to Voltage converters.

Opto-Isolated Signal Conditioner

SPECTEC's digital output Opto-Isolated Signal Conditioner are for applications that require an interruption of the galvanic path between the input and output. The opto-isolation circuitry prevents noise on the input signal from passing through to the output signal.

Specialty signal conditioners:

  • 4033 Directional magnetic sensor preamplifier for use with two magnetic speed sensors.
  • 4057 Programmable Signal Conditioner: Pulse output K-factor scalar, frequency divider or multiplier with additional linear Frequency to Voltage or Frequency to Current output.