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Digital Scalar Signal Conditioner

Programmable K-factor scalar for magnetic, digital and RF speed sensorsSPECTEC's new 4057 Programmable Signal Conditioner is a multi-purpose converter, allowing for use as a K-factor scalar, frequency divider or multiplier, frequency to voltage converter or frequency to current converter.

This frequency signal conditioner features user selectable output types and requires no external test equipment for setup. Output types are quickly selected via a backlit LCD screen and push-button dial.

Download SPECTEC's Digital Scalar Spec Sheet and Quick Start Guide:

Digital Scalar Operation:

Users can select from a digital frequency output, while simultaneously providing an analog output. The digital output may be programmed to multiply, divide, or apply a K-factor scalar to the input frequency, while the analog output can be selected to convert the input frequency to a proportional voltage or current.

Models are available for inputs from magnetic VRS, RF, or digital pickups/signals. Removable terminal blocks can be factory configured for back panel or control panel mounting.

Divider Range: 1 to 99,999,999
Multiplier Range: 1 to 50,000
Supply Voltage: 11 - 30 Vdc
Input Magnetic sensors: 5, 12, 30 or 100 mVpp input sensitivity; 3 to ~50 kHz
RF sensors: 4 or 10 Ohms; 0.3 to ~7 KHz
Digital: CMOS, TTL, 0-30V or PNP; 0.3 to ~80KHz
Temp range -4 to 167° F (-20 to 75° C)

Digital Frequency Output:
  NPN: 0-5V (TTL), 0-10V, 0-12V, 0-Vs, or 0-Vs OC
  PNP: 0-Vs
Optional Analog Output:
  FTV: 0-5V or 0-10V
  FTC: 4-20mA, 0-20mA, or 0-24mA

Dimension: Spectec digital scaler

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