Magnetic speed sensors manufacturing

Dual Output Magnetic Speed Sensors

Dual output magnetic speed sensors are designed for pulse security applications where a redundant high reliability output is a must. These speed sensors can be used in place of two separate sensors, providing component and installation savings.

SPECTEC's dual output magnetic speed pickups are used as transmission sensors, output shaft sensors and flow meter sensors.

Dual output speed sensors are available with an integral RTD100 or NTC10 temperature sensor option.

For dual output directional sensors with digital output see our Quadrature speed sensors and dual output Hall effect sensors

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Dual Output Magnetic Speed Sensor Specifications

Redundant Output VR Sensors - Variable Reluctance Sensors

DC Coil Resistance/Inductance, Output Voltage:

Temp. Ranges:
Type 2: 210/260Ω 150mH, 60Vpp
Type 4: 600/900Ω 300mH, 100Vpp
Type 5: 900/1350Ω 500mH, 150Vpp
2T: -100° to 250° F (-73° to 120° C)
3T: -150° to 330° F (-101° to 165° C)
5HT: -450° to 450° F (-270° to 232° C)

 Download 0021 Dual Magnetic Sensors Specs - Connector

 Download 0022 Dual Magnetic Sensors Specs - Lead wires

Shell Styles: 5/8" and M16

Dual output magnetic speed sensors

Shell Styles: 11/16"

Dual output magnetic speed sensors

Shell Styles: 3/4" and M18

Redundant output magnetic speed sensors