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SPECTEC's RF flow meter sensors are active RF pickups driven by an external RF (carrier) signal conditioner. Together they complete an oscillating circuit. The output of this circuit is amplitude modulated when a ferrous, 316 stainless steel or aluminum object passes by the pickup coil. This change in modulation of the carrier frequency is converted into a square wave pulse by the signal conditioner for computing and/or further processing.

All RF pickups must be used with a PA-10 preamp or signal converter:

  • RF4 flow sensors are designed to work with the applicable SPECTEC, Cox, F&P and other carrier signal conditioners.
  • RF10 flow sensors work with the applicable SPECTEC, FTI, Hoffer, Sponsler and other carrier signal conditioners.

An internal temperature probe (NTC10, RTD100 or others) is available which is positioned near the face of the sensor.

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Flow Meter Sensor Specifications

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Inductance/Resistance Options:

Thread Length:
Thread Sizes:
Temperature Ranges:

RF4: 4.00 Ohm, 0.36 mH
RF10: 12.00 Ohm, 1.00 mH
.5 - 6.0" (13 - 153mm)
3/8-24 UNEF, 1/2-20 UNF, 5/8-18 UNF, 11/16-24 UNEF, M18
3T: -150° to 330° F (-101° to 165° C)
4HT: -250° to 400° F (-157° to 204° C)
5HT: -450° to 450° F (-270° to 232° C)
8HT: -450° to 750° F (-270° to 300° C)





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