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Hall Effect Dual Output Sensors Specifications - Zero Speed Sensors

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Hall effect directional sensor - gear or ferrous targetHall Effect Dual Output Sensors are designed to switch in the presence of a ferrous target such as a gear tooth ≥ 24DP or module ≥ M1. Standard output is provided from a 2.2kOhm internal pull-up resistor to a collector, which can sink 25 mA. Open collector or source output is also available.

Sensors are also available with LED indicators. Integrated temperature probe (RTD or NTC) magnetic Hall effect sensors are available.

A robust universal sink/source NPN/PNP low impedance rail-to-rail output with 60V automotive load dump. Short circuit and reverse voltage protection is available.

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Hall Effect Dual Output Sensor Specifications

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Supply Voltage:
Pulse Out:
Frequency Range:
Air Gap:
Temp. Range:
Thread Length:
Thread Sizes:
5 - 30 Vdc @ 15 mA
0 - Vs, 0 - 5V (TTL), 0 - Vs Open Collector
0 Hz - 20 kHz depending on target size and distance
0.050" Typical, 0.25" Max. depending on target mass and velocity.
-40° to 255° F (-40° to 125° C)
1.7" - 8.0" (43-203mm)
5/8, 3/4, M16, M18

0169Q/0170Q Sensors: 5/8", M16 Directional Hall effect sensors

0171Q/0172Q Sensors: 3/4", M18 Directional Hall effect sensors

Model 0170Q and 0172Q

Model 0169Q

Hall effect dual output sensors
Hall effect direction and rotation sensors

Model 0171Q

Model 0170QY