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Hall Effect Linear Position Sensors Specifications - Magnet Target

DIGISPEC Hall Effect Linear Position sensors are designed to detect continuous variations in the magnetic field and convert field strength to a proportional voltage. The output voltage produced for zero field is nominally 2.5v, with a standard transfer function of +/- 10 mV/Gauss. Magnetic sensitivity is along one axis only. Several units can be combined to measure (X, Y, Z) magnetic field vectors.

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Hall Effect Linear Position Sensor Specifications

Hall Effect Angular Position Sensors

Supply Voltage:
Pulse Out:
Frequency Range:
Air Gap:
Temperature Ranges:

Thread Length:
Thread Sizes:
8 - 30 Vdc @ 5 mA
0.06 – 4.95 V typical (2.5 V at zero field strength)
0 Hz - 30 kHz
Depends on field strength (up to 1.0" @ 3000 Gauss)
2TE: -40° to 221° F (-40° to 105° C)
3TE: -40° to 300° F (-40° to 150° C)
1.0" - 6.0" (25-152mm)
5/8, 3/4, M16, M18

Models 0220

Models 0221

Shell Styles: 5/8" and M16

Hall effect linear position sensors

Shell Styles: 3/4" and M18

Hall effect linear position sensors

Hall effect linear and angular position sensors chart