Magnetic speed sensors manufacturing

Magnetic Hall Effect Sensors - Digital Speed Sensor

Magnetic Hall effect sensors for magnet targets
  • Frequency range: Zero speed to 20 kHz Standard for precision position applications
       0 - 100kHz for high speed available
  • Air Gap: .16" (4 mm) Typical, 0.50" Max. depending on target mass and velocity
  • Temperature Range: 2TE -40 to 221° deg F (-40 to 105° deg C)
       3TE -40 to 300° deg F (-40 to 150° deg C)
  • Supply voltage: 4 to 30 Vdc
  • Shell: 303 Stainless Steel. Other shell material available.
  • Optional Output protection: Reverse voltage, short circuit, moderate lightning and 60V load dump
  • Reliable in oily, wet and harsh environments;
  • Rugged shock and vibration resistant construction;
  • Available in all popular standard and metric thread and smooth shell sizes

Magnetic Hall effect sensor Specs

Specialized Hall Effect Magnetic Sensors for Zero Speed Detection:

The Hall effect technology fulfills a wide array of applications due to a Hall effect sensor's ability to detect a magnetic target's zero speed and direction change and produce a digital output compatible with computers, motion control devices, position monitors and digital to analog converters. SPECTEC's zero speed Hall effect magnetic sensors are used in industrial applications to determine shaft or gear speed or direction by detecting fluctuations in the magnetic field.

Hall Effect Magnetic Sensors - Zero Speed Sensors - Magnetic Hall Sensors

SPECTEC's magnetic Hall effect zero speed sensors switch in the presence of a magnetic field of 50 Gauss minimum. The Hall effect magnetic sensor meets a wide array of applications due to its ability to detect the difference in a magnet's north or south pole disposition. Both uni-polar (activated by either north or south pole magnets) and bi-polar (alternating north-south pole activation) are offered. In addition, an omni-polar model (HO type) is available which responds equally to a north or south pole field and converts it to a digital pulse.

Hall Effect Magnetic Sensors For Directional Sensing

The Hall effect quadrature sensor detects the rotational or linear direction that a magnetic target is traveling. SPECTEC's quadrature Hall effect magnetic sensor can detect the motion of magnets passing across the sensor face, approaching and receding from the sensor and magnets mounted on rotating shafts.

Hall Effect Magnetic Sensor Applications:

Hall effect sensor applications for zero speed to 25 kHz detection of targets such as fine gears, and the change in target direction. Hall effect sensors are used as vehicle speed sensors, wheel speed sensors and ABS brake systems. Additional applications are turbines and as vehicle transmission speed sensors.

The zero speed Hall effect magnetic sensors are used in speed applications and digital devices which switch from logic state 0 to logic 1 in the presence of a magnetic field of 50 gauss.