Magnetic speed sensors manufacturing

High Temperature Magnetic Speed Sensors

High temperature speed sensors (up to 454° C) are sensitive, shock resistant & reliable for high temp applications in harsh environments, such as race car engines and transmissions. SPECTEC's high temperature magnetic speed pickups are used as transmission sensors, engine governors, output shaft sensors and flow meter sensors.

SPECTEC's high temperature magnetic pick-ups are standard in 5/8-18, 11/16-24 and 3/4-20, and M18 shell sizes.

High temperature magnetic sensors are available with RTD100 or NTC10 temperature sensors for dual output capability.

Contact Spectec's engineering and design team for custom size high temperature magnetic speed sensors. Our engineers help you meet your high temp speed sensor needs.

High Temperature Speed Sensor Specifications

VR Sensors - Inductive Speed Sensor - Variable Reluctance Sensors

Coil Type 1:
Coil Type 2:
Temp. Range:
R: 110 - 140 Ω; L: 60-100 mH
R: 160 - 220 Ω; L: 120-180 mH
8HT: -450° to 850° F (-270° to 454° C)
With RTD sensor: -200° to 454° C

NOTE: For digital output, use with PA-20 signal conditioners.

 Download 0024/0025 High Temp Sensors Specs

Shell Styles: 5/8" and M16

High temperature speed sensors

Shell Styles: 11/16"

High temperature speed sensors

Shell Styles: 3/4" and M18

High temperature speed sensors