Magnetic speed sensors manufacturing

Magnetic Speed Sensor Converters, Conditioners & Preamps

  • Extends the application range and signal distance of magnetic speed sensors.
  • Converts variable reluctance sensors' low level sinusoidal signals into stable square wave pulses.

SPECTEC's PA-20 series of digital preamps work with magnetic speed sensors and can be situated up to 500 feet from the magnetic sensor. These analog to digital converters take low level signal from magnetic speed sensors and translate it into stable square wave pulses. Signal conditioners allow designers to derive digital signals from sensors whose harsh or high temperature environment rules out the use of digital magnetic sensors.

SPECTEC's signal conditioners are easy to install in the field. With a variety of models offered: inline with the sensor, a puck form to fit a conduit-mount explosion-proof junction box, or installed, via an adaptor, in a separate DIN rail mounting enclosure, these signal conditioners meet most major installation applications. The converter's power input covers the entire range of commonly used DC power without any selection or adjustment needed.

Model 4021 Pulse Amplifier

Model 4021 pulse amplifier is a rugged amp specifically designed for tough pipeline, offshore platform and severe industrial applications. It also offers unmatched output configuration flexibility to readily interface with most instruments including PLCs.

The 4021 pulse amp has a noise canceling version that provides superior noise rejection and input signal amplification with an unmatched variety of output configurations. More...

Model 4021 noise canceling magnetic speed sensor Pulse Amplifier

Model 4022 Pulse Amplifier

Model 4022 Pulse Amplifier is a signal conditioner has two factory preset input sensitivity levels and four factory preset output configurations or a field switchable version that allows outputs of 0 - 5 V (TTL), 0 - 10V or 0 - Vs with open collector(OC).

Model 4022 pulse amplifier has two form factors: fits either the Appleton ELBY or the Crouse-Hinds GUAL16 enclosure.

Model 4022 magnetic speed sensor Pulse Amplifier

Model 4023 Magnetic Sensor Preamp

Model 4023 Preamp is a work horse signal conditioner that also comes in multiple form factors in the Model 4024 line to adapt to sensors in a variety of ways.

Model 4023 analog to digital converter fits an Elby Y1 explosion-proof elbow for use with a conduit mount magnetic sensor.

Model 4024 In-line digital pre-amps quickly turns any magnetic speed sensor with a standard MS 2 pin connector into a digital magnetic speed sensor.

Model 4023 magnetic speed sensor preamp

Model 4033 Directional Preamp

Model 4033 directional preamp for passive magnetic VRS sensors is designed to convert the sinusoidal signals from two matching magnetic VR type sensors into stable square wave pulses. It provides relative directional data from the two sensors through the signal out terminal and LED indicators. For prover applications, an (x2) output is provided, which is derived from the input of Coils A & B. It is designed to fit a GAUL-16 or similar standard explosion proof junction box.

Model 4033 directional magnetic sensor amplifier

Magnetic Speed Sensor Preamplifier - VR Speed Sensor Preamp Specs

VR Sensor Signal Conditioners

  Model 4022 Model 4023 Model 4024 Model 4033
Specs: 4022, 4023 & 4024 Spec Sheet 4033 Specs
Freq Range:
(depends on target mass and velocity)
3 Hz to 1 kHz at specified sensitivity
Up to ~30kHz at increassed signal level
Forr 100kHz service, specify -5x in model number
~5 Hz to 10 kHz
Up to 40kHz with increased signal
Styles: PVC puck PVC puck See below PVC puck
Input Sensitivity: 5, 12, or 30 mVpp
Max Input: 140Vpp (Optional: 200Vpp max)
0-40 mVpp Std
1-12mVpp High
Temp range: -40° to 221° F
(-40° to 105° C)
-40° to 221° F
(-40° to 105° C)
-40° to 248° F
(-40° to 120° C)
-40° to 185° F
(-40° to 85° C)
Output: 0 to 5V, 10V or 12V NPN,
0 to Vs NPN, Open collector or PNP Open collector
0 to Vs NPN/PNP Universal Sink/Source
0 to 5V or 12V NPN,
0 to Vs NPN or OC
Supply Voltage: 7.5 Vdc min to 30Vdc regulates
3.6Vdc min., unregulated
7.5-30Vdc for 0-5Vo
13-30Vdc for 0-12Vo
3.6Vdc min for 0-Vs output
Dimensions: 1.47" dia.
1.0" height
0.75" dia.
1.125" height

4024: 3" x .63" dia.
4024M: 3.5" x 0.63" dia.

2.5" dia.
1.4" height

Model 4024 Model 4024M Model 4024H
In-line signal converter In-line signal conditioner magnetic speed sensor preamp module

Magnetic Speed Sensor Preamplifier Applications:

Applications of noise canceling sensors and pulse amplifiers are in industrial environments with high ambient electrical noise levels from motors, lighting or nearby RF sources.

See our Sensor Configurations page for more housing configurations, connectors, and wire lead specifications.