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Opto-Isolated Current Loop Signal Conditioner

The Model 4021 set up as a digital opto-isolated noise canceling amplifier prevents ground loops and interrupts any galvanic signals riding on a magnetic speed sensor output signal. Optimizes the perfomance of SPECTEC's unique noise canceling magnetic sensors as well as providing superior performance with standard VR sensors.

The power supply input covers 6 to 36 Vdc regulated with no selection needed. All inputs and outputs are fully protected against short circuits to supply or ground and reverse polarity supply leads. The circuitry is protected against higher voltages to 200 Vpp.

digital opto-isolated current loop signal conditioner

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Opto-Isolated Current Loop Signal Conditioner Characteristics:

The Model 4021 pulse amplifier optimizes the performance of SPECTEC's unique 3 wire noise canceling magnetic sensor, but also provides superior performance for standard two wire variable reluctance sensors. Standard signal conditioner input sensitivity is 40 mVpp. Other available pulse amplifier versions have input sensitivities of 5 mVpp, 12 mVpp and 100 mVpp.

With the Terminal II option, the pulse amplifier has more useful features.
Terminal II can be set up as:

  1. An opto-isolated output signal conditioner providing increased security or;
  2. An On-Line mobile proving hook-up for the attachment of maintenance and calibration devices without interruption or interference to the main signal transmission.

The 4021 noise canceling signal conditioner has multiple isolated and non-isolated outputs available on any given pulse amplifier variation.

Other features for the sensitive amplifier inputs is protection against high frequency EMI, static discharge and normal operating signals to 200 Vpp. The amplifier is also provided with overheat shutdown capability.

The Model 4021 opto-isolated signal conditioner fits an Elby explosion-proof elbow enclosure for mounting with a wide array of variable reluctance or inductive magnetic speed sensors.

Specs: Download 4021 Magnetic Sensor Preamp Specs
Freq Range: Up to 10 kHz
Sensitivity: 40 mVpp standard
Style: Model 4021: 2.5” dia. PVC puck
Temp range: -40 to 185° deg F (-40 to 85° C)
Output: 0-5v NPN, 0-Vs Open Collector,
Vsupply: 6 to 36 Vdc
Dimensions: 2.5" dia., 1.4" height

Opto-Isolated Signal Conditioner Applications:

Applications of digital opto-isolated signal conditioners are in areas where magnetic speed sensors or VR sensors are used in electrical noise environments.

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