Magnetic speed sensors manufacturing

General Speed Sensor Characteristics

Temperature Ranges:
  Standard: -40 to +250° F (-40 to 120° C)  
  Extended: -150 to +330° F (-101 to 165° C)  
  Hi Temp: to +450° F (to +232° C)  
  Extended Hi Temp to +1000° F (to +538° C)  
  Cryogenic: to -450° F (to -270° C)  
Connector Types
  2 Pin Connectors: MS3102-10SL-4P mates with MS3106-10SL-4P
  Bayonet MS-3116-F8-2S mates with MS3113-H8A-2P
  Micro C  
  3 Pin Connectors: MS3102A-10SL-3P mates with MS3106-10SL-3S
  Micro C  
  4 Pin Connectors: MS3102A-12SL-844P mates with MS3106
  Bayonet MS-3116-F8-4S mates with MS3113-H8A-4P
  5 & 6 Pin Connectors: Micro C, 5 or 6 pin  
  Bayonet MS-3116-F10-63 mates with MS3111-H10A-6P
300 & 400 Series Stainless Steel
Ryton/Glass-filled Nylon/PVC
Anodized aluminum
Gold plated contacts
Epoxy & ceramic encapsulation
Hermetically Sealed
Other materials upon request.
Lead Wires:
16 to 30 AWG PVC
Teflon (TFE) for Hi Temp
Shielded and unshielded
Special Insulation
Other lead wires upon request.
Intrinsically Safe:
FM Global Approved per Approval Standard 3610 for certified Intrinsically Safe for locations Class I, II, III, Div. 1; Group A, B, C, D, E, F, G
CE compliant to EN55011 and 50022-2 standards
II 1 G, Ex ia IIC