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Speed Or Flow Switch Signal Conditioner

Stop Motion/Flow Detector Relay Output

SPECTEC Model 4052 Programmable Speed Switch is a factory programmable microprocessor-based speed/flow switch that provides a relay output for controlling devices based on the input frequency from a passive VRS(Mag) speed sensor or low drag digital RF flow sensor, or an active DigiSpec Mag sensor, or Hall effect speed sensors, as well as, proximity or other sensors with digital square wave output.

It can be factory programmed to meet a specific frequency range. When used with a flow meter the 4052 becomes a Flow Switch.

Programmable speed - flow switch

Speed - Flow Switch Signal Conditioner Applications:

Typical applications of the Speed Switch utilizes a variable reluctance magnetic sensor to detect the movement of gear teeth or similar metal parts and generate a repetitive waveform proportional to the speed of the gear's motion.

A magnetic sensor connected directly to the speed switch provides decision-making capability for applications such as speed governors, safety controls and motion interlocks.

In conjunction with any active or passive speed sensor, the Speed Switch can be set to turn on or off auxiliary devices such as fans, valves, brakes, or audible alarms. The Speed Switch can be set to control the on/off positioning of mechanical or high current solid state relays.

The Speed Switch is used in the truck and industrial equipment situations for under speed alarms and over speed alarms or detection.

Speed Switch Characteristics:

Specs: Download 4052 Speed/Flow Switch specs
Range: Model 4052-XX1: 1 to 20 Hz
Model 4052-XX2: 10 to 300 Hz
Model 4052-XX3: 100 to 2500 Hz
Temp range: -40 to 185° F (-40 to 85° C)
Output: Relay Contact, Normally Open or Normally Closed
Vsupply: DC: 7 - 25Vdc when used with Mag sensors
       11 - 25Vdc when used with RF sensors

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